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Enter the world of the distant past

Discover the multifaceted story of man in the Limburg region: from prehistory to the end of the Roman period.
Familiarize yourself with the major transition points and marvel at more than 2,000 objects from the museum’s own collection, beautifully presented in a highly-original set by Niek Kortekaas and De Gregorio & Partners.

The Gallo-Roman Museum spared neither effort nor money to make the permanent exhibition exciting for everybody. Educational films, maquettes and convincing synthetic figures bring those distant times back to life. Read the clear and concise explanations, enjoy informative cartoons and interactives with your children or book a knowledgeable guide for a fascinating guided tour.

You will come to realize that a society never functions as it does by chance, that there are reasons why a society is what it is at a certain time, why people do what they do and are who they are. ‘What follows is always organically related to what went before’. The words of the Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius are now our motto.

One thing is certain: visit this exhibition and the distant past will stay with you forever. You will also find you look at the present with very different eyes.


Gallery texts:
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Free booklet with information in French, German and English

Audiovisual information:
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