Museum's eclictic collection
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The Gallo-Roman Museum’s collection comprises an estimated 170.000 objects: from the smallest potsherds to large fragments of wall. The permanent exhibition contains 2,300 items. We selected those which best illustrate the multifaceted story of our permanent exhibition.

You will see flint tools belonging to the Neanderthals and the first Homo sapiens: tangible evidence of their cultures. You will see fragile earthenware pots which testify to a stable farming community – a way of life which began to take root in this region in 5300 BC. The bronze swords and urns and gold coins illustrate the social stratification which began in the Iron Age. Finally, our core collection shows that a unique regional Roman culture began to emerge at the beginning of the Christian Era. It comprises massive architectural fragments, sophisticated jewellery and a wide range of idols, pots and pans, plates and dishes.

Ancient hand axe

Decorated ceramic pot

Golden Nervii coin

Signet ring with image of emperor Commodus