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The Gallo-Roman Museum collection contains tens of thousands of pieces. We are also increasingly exhibiting them online, on various websites and platforms. Yours to explore!


Exploratorium is intended for anyone with even a passing interest in the distant past/ancient times and prehistory. For each object we explain clearly what it is. You will also learn how, why, when and by whom it was used. Handy maps show where the piece was made and found. You can zoom in on the photos, to view the smallest detail. The website is intended for anyone with an interest in ancient times.

Art in Flanders

On Art in Flanders you’ll find high-quality images of masterpieces from the collections of Flemish museums and heritage institutions. Our collection is also represented there. Art lovers can download all photos from the image library for free for non-commercial use. The images may also be freely used for classwork, a thesis or teaching material. Professional users can order high resolution images.

Erfgoedplus contains objects from heritage collections that are held in Limburg or Flemish Brabant. You will also find nearly 10,000 objects from the Gallo-Roman Museum collection. Not all of them are masterpieces, of course. Countless objects from our depots are also included in this database. The accompanying data has not been adapted for the general public: it is purely scientific.

Europeana Collections

The portal site Europeana Collections provides access to the collections of thousands of European museums, libraries and archives. The heritage database ‘’ is one of the sources of Europeana Collections. You will find more than 4000 objects from the collection of the Gallo-Roman Museum here.


Wikimedia is made up of several interconnected websites aimed at the free dissemination of knowledge worldwide. The best known is Wikipedia, but Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata are also part of it.

The Gallo-Roman Museum makes photographs of its most important and interesting objects available on Wikimedia Commons, an immense collection of media files. The images may be used without restrictions. The corresponding object data can be found in the Wikidata database. The online community can supplement or translate this information as desired.


Igor Van den Vonder
Collection management coordinator /registrar
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