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man haalt boeken uit rek documentatiecentrum

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The Gallo-Roman Museum has a library with more than 7000 books and some 350 periodicals. The focus is on scientific works on the distant past of our region and, by extension, Western Europe.

The museum staff use the library daily, both for the development of educational programmes and temporary exhibitions, as well as for registering, documenting and researching the collection.

The library is suitable for anyone looking for specialised information. Students and researchers are more than welcome to use it. We would be happy to help you on your way. 


Mon. - fri. 
9-12h a.m. and 1-5h p.m.

Borrowing books
Not permitted

Price copies
A4/A3-format : white-black/color : 0.30 eur

Oréane Vandenreyt 
Library manager 
+32 12 67 03 41