Tongeren and the surrounding area - Gallo-Romeins Museum Tongeren
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Oldest city in Belgium

Combine your visit to the Gallo-Roman Museum with a pleasant walk through the centre of Tongeren. Not to be missed are the statue of Ambiorix, the Beguinage and the Moerenpoort.

In the Teseum you can explore the rich church treasure and an archaeological site. Also take a look at the Basilica of Our Lady. Come on a Sunday morning experience or a sprawling antiques and flea market.  

Or make a multi-day trip and explore Haspengouw, the fruit-growing region of Belgium. Idyllic orchards, parish villages, castles and courtyard farms... No better place to unwind. The possibilities for walking and cycling are endless.

Monastery corridor

Moeren Gate in Tongres

Roman wall Tongres

Statue of Ambiorix

Begijnhof in Tongres

Basilica Tongres


Further information and contact
Tongeren Tourist Office
+ 32 (0)12 80 00 71

Limburg Tourist Office
+32 (0)11 30 55 00