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We display objects from everyday life: flint tools used by the Neanderthals, earthenware pots from the first agricultural societies, stylish tableware from Roman times...

Many objects illustrate important social changes. For example, bronze swords demonstrate the emergence of an elite in the Iron Age. A unique hoard of gold coins speaks of the conquest of our region by the Roman general Julius Caesar. 

Our core collection proves that Roman culture also took root in our region. There are impressive architectural fragments, elegant pieces of jewellery and a wide range of Roman statues of gods and Roman pottery. The wealth of artifacts from tumulus graves also appeals to the imagination.

Ancient hand axe

Decorated ceramic pot

Golden Nervii coin

Signet ring with image of emperor Commodus


Duration of a visit
90 min. on average'

Target audience
Adults and children

Gallery texts: Dutch
Audioguide: Dutch, French, German, English


Bart Demarsin 
Head of Exhibitions Department 
+ 32 12 67 03 56

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