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Intriguing finds

Audio guides are available for adults and children to help bring the objects to life: flint arrowheads, a jade axe, hammer stones, pig bones, a deer antler pickaxe, beautifully decorated cooking pots, a bronze dagger,...

 The objects are all authentic. They illustrate the history of the site. And how people lived and celebrated there, even long before Stonehenge came into being. 

Other items that played a role in the process for building the monument were the tools wielded by men, women and children thousands of years ago. Short films will be shown featuring archaeologists sharing further details about this subject.

At the end of the exhibition you will have an opportunity to admire some elite grave complexes. Be sure to see the gold jewellery found in Tremelo (Belgium), as these masterpieces are a reminder of the contacts between our part of the world and the area around Stonehenge, during the period after the major refurbishment of the monument.