Curator Mike voor de stenen van Stonehenge
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Stones for the dead

The curator of the exhibition, Mike Parker Pearson, the leading Stonehenge specialist, takes you on a journey through the exhibition, offering an enthusiastic account of his research work.

The archaeologist has now combined all the findings into a single comprehensive theory, which is the recurrent theme of the exhibition.

Stonehenge is inextricably linked to Durrington Walls, a place near Stonehenge. Around 2500 BC thousands of people lived and celebrated together at the site, especially during the winter months. Members of the farming community assembled there to work on the stone circle and worship their dead.

The stone circle is primarily a symbol of unity amongst different people, according to Parker Pearson.

Interesting fact: the archaeologist makes links with ancestor worship in Madagascar. This reinforces his view that it is no coincidence that the monument was built in stone.