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What stones tell us about people

Stonehenge's world-famous status is attested to by the fact that every year more than 1.5 million people travel to the south of England to admire the mysterious stone circle. Visit us here in Tongeren to hear the story of the people behind the stones.

What induced them to join forces 5,000 years ago and start building this iconic structure? Why just there, in that location? And how did they actually accomplish this task? What part did the monument play in their lives?
Leading specialist Mike Parker Pearson provides the answers, taking you on a journey... to look beyond the mystery.

The large-scale exhibition is full of multimedia installations, which also makes them suitable for families with children. Archaeologists provide explanations about the many intriguing objects: authentic objects from internationally respected British museums. They are showcased in a powerful and stylish but no-frills setting.

The exhibition is bound to cast its spell on you!



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Not allowed except for guide dogs