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Experiencing and understanding Stonehenge 

Offering key information, the impressive opening film helps to put you in the right mood, conveying the power of the stone circle. You will then have the opportunity to travel thousands of years back in time.

The exhibition has a chronological structure to show how the architectural style and significance of Stonehenge has changed over the centuries. Impressive scale models, evocative drawings and countless videos serve to underscore this in visual and conceptual terms.

However, Stonehenge is first and foremost a story about people. Lifelike figures and attractive animated films show you how the stones were dragged, worked and placed to stand upright. You will be amazed to discover all the technical skills involved.

A short film entitled 'The Woman' shows a young woman talking about the inner struggle she had to contend with owing to the monument's construction. Her story makes us think about the reasons for building the stone circle.