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19 October 2019 – 26 April 2020

106 A.D., the Romans added Dacia to their vast Empire. Located in present-day Romania, the new province was the ancient homeland of the Dacians and the Getae. Discover their fabulous gold and silver treasures in an atmospheric display with large-scale images of landscapes and learn about their dealings with the Romans, Greeks, Celts and Scythians.
In other words: come widen your horizons in a unique exhibition for the whole family. After all, you didn’t think Dacia was just the name of a car, did you?

More information will follow soon.


Provision of information:
In English, Dutch, French

Admission Charges:
Groups > 20: € 8
Groups < 20: € 10
Adults: € 10
Discount beneficiaries: € 8

Guided Tours:
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