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Roman-style dining

Due to the coronacrisis, Bistro Bacchus is currently closed.

Round off your trip back to Roman times at Bistro Bacchus. Food archaeologist Jeroen van Vaerenbergh has created a range of unique dishes inspired by the Roman cuisine of some 2000 years ago.  

You can enjoy ‘pulse’, a hearty stew made with beans and grain. It was a daily staple for the Roman population. Or opt for a sandwich made with goat cheese, walnuts, dried ham and a touch of local honey.

A popular choice is the Roman pork meatballs in a lightly sweetened sauce, seasoned with cumin, coriander seeds and pepper. Served with stewed leeks, white mustard seeds, pine nuts and a tart touch of fresh apple.

You can finish your meal with a fortified wine. You'll taste notes of honey, black pepper, saffron and bay leaf.


Bistro Bacchus
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