The museum building after the 2009 expansion
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The museum was designed by architects De Gregorio & Partners. The building has a logical structure which allows us to operate in a professional manner. Its spaciousness gives it a pleasant feel.

The architecture is enclosed but the occasional opening provides fragmented views of the city. Indeed the building was designed to reflect Tongeren’s urban identity. Or as architect De Gregorio put it:“Tongeren requires sober, no-nonsense buildings with little detailing, ideally built of rustic, natural materials. Those materials gradually acquire a nice patina which make for harmony with the whole.” Take your time, look at the building and decide for yourself.

Much of the museum is underground. , thereby keeping the volume above ground to a minimum. This concept clearly reflects the science of archaeology. The sunken patios bring filtered daylight into the exhibition areas, heightening the subdued, spellbinding atmosphere of the distant past.

Corridor inside the museum.

Side facade of museum on the outside.

Corridor to museum cafe

Architecture interior museum


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